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Kick Sugar Workshop Kit

This is a very popular topic and audiences of all backgrounds resonate with this topic.

As you know, blood sugar imbalances play a role in many of the presentations we see in practice, so helping people to kick sugar is highly important!

Click here to discover more about our ready-made kick sugar workshop!

Stress & Adrenals Workshop Kit

Stress, fatigue & burn out are all too common in our clients and often impact their health much more than they realise.

This done-for-you workshop kit includes everything you need to run a successful workshop, educating and inspiring your audience towards a less stressful life.

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Winter Wellness Workshop Kit

Our Winter Wellness Workshop Kit is perfect for a seasonal workshop or webinar to educate clients on how to stay well, naturally, through the colder months.

The Kit includes powerpoint slides and promotional materials ready for you to brand as your own.

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What People Are Saying

This talk left clients inspired and excited about the changes they can make to their health and it brought new and existing clients into the clinic, which was fabulous for business. The clinic strongly benefited from this workshop being presented and we always look forward to the next one!

Carly Pike

Clinic Owner & Naturopath

As a new Naturopath, the workshop kit was super helpful and has given me a lot more confidence in presenting. By investing in a done-for-you workshop, I am easily able to create presentations with my own spin on things whilst knowing that the backbone is that of a well-executed workshop.

Belinda Leskiw


I am already Hayley’s client, but I wanted to attend and bring a friend. We both learnt so much! Things I thought were low in sugar in actual fact weren’t, big learning curve! So informative and Hayley delivered it so well, and it was a very interactive workshop, highly recommend attending! Hayley is amazing!!


Workshop Attendee


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