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I truly believe that to save the world, more Natural Health Practitioners need successful, abundant, profitable practices!

Hello. I’m Hayley and before I became a naturopath, I worked in the exciting world of Marketing, PR and Events. So while that career certainly left me adrenally fatigued, at least I learnt a few good skills 😉

I now work 3 days a week seeing clients in a multi-modality natural health centre in Newcastle, Australia. Plus I have online businesses, including this one 🙂

Before this, I owned a clinic with my Chiropractor husband in Northern NSW. I’ve also worked in large dispensaries, amazing health food stores and clinics in Sydney and Bangalow, as well as for an Organic skincare manufacturer… and somehow wherever I worked, I have always end up ‘helping with the marketing’.

You see, I actually LOVE marketing my clinic just as much as seeing clients.

I’ve also invested tens of thousands of dollars over many years learning online marketing & practice building strategies from the best in the game, because I could see from the get-go how vital BEING VISIBLE is to growing a health practice.

So, if I can help in some small way to make it easier for YOU to get in front of your ideal client – then let’s do this!

As well as all this work stuff, I am also a mama to two beautiful boys!

Wanting to spend MORE time with them and my husband has been the driving force behind finding ways to work smarter. It’s how I discovered how to automate so many of the processes in my clinic. And I still love learning new ways to save time and create a better client experience.

And all of this is the reason I’ve created these workshop kits – because if I can help YOU work smarter too, then that makes me very happy!!

I believe that a rising tide lifts all ships. I also believe that no one needs to re-invent the wheel. My goal is to give you back your TIME!

In the past, I missed out on weekends at the beach, birthday parties and precious family time because I was busting myself in the clinic – working on workshops and flyers and clinic forms and god knows what else.

I want to save you from all (or more) of that!

All my workshops kits are fully editable, meaning you can add your branding and flavour and make it yours – so why start from scratch?

Be a clever practitioner and use my kits as your jumping board! Let’s go save the world!

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Address: PO Box 303, The Junction NSW 2291

Email: info@workshopsforwellness.com

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